European Reform University Alliance

Reimagining Higher Education and Research


ERUA (European Reform University Alliance) is an European University Alliance, a collaborative initiative among Universities funded by ERASMUS. The participating institutions include the University of Konstanz (UKON) in Germany, the University of Paris 8 (P8) in France, Roskilde University (RUK) in Denmark, New Bulgarian University (NBU) in Bulgaria, and the University of the Aegean (UAegean) in Greece.


As a European University Alliance, ERUA provides students with a stimulating and diverse academic environment that emphasizes project-based learning, addressing societal challenges, and fostering critical thinking. We strive to develop personalized learning pathways within a multilingual and multicultural setting, enabling students from various backgrounds to partake in a shared European educational experience.


ERUA plays a pivotal role in creating a unified digital identity for its students and academic staff, facilitating virtual and physical exchanges between the five member universities and enabling cross-border access to shared services. This common identity, known as ERUA identity (ERUA-iD), empowers students, academic and administrative personnel, and researchers to register for courses, participate in workshops, and engage in other research seminars offered by any ERUA Alliance member.


The implementation of ERUA-iD takes the form of Verifiable Credentials, for student identities, qualifications obtained through ERUA educational and research exchanges, and the transfer of transcripts and credits—both prior to and following enrollment in jointly developed ERUA activities.


The ERUA Portal serves as a central hub for all ERUA activities, catering specifically to members of the European Reform University Alliance. Through this portal, members can access and engage with ERUA services. Upon logging in, users will be directed to the ERUA Issuer page, where they can select their home organization and proceed to authenticate using their ERUA-iD. After successful authentication, users will be redirected back to the Portal, granting them access to the desired content. To initiate the login process, simply click here.